The hunt (an Animosity 2 short story)

Valdyr the holllow guide share chainrasps and myrmourn banshees to Gorogark, the tyrant of the Bleak Chewers, to give him enough forces to attack the forces of the false gods at the Cathedral of the Mariner. Himself had other plans. He gathered his Glaivewraith stalkers, his Grimghast reapers and Klosyom the hollow exile, his Executioner. Then, he went hunting, and guide the others from The Perpetual to his prey.

Mithridates Besh. The priest-king. Once one of the first devotee to Nagash. Now, something else. No knows who he is worshipping now, what are his plans, what are hies goals. The only thing everyone agrees on: whatever Mithridates Besh is doing, he must be stopped. Reikenor the Grimhailer and Slann Starmaster Zectoka know it is the safest path in this dire times in Shyish.

Valdyr, his retinue and Kobatu Redguzzler, the hunter from the Bleak Chewers, spent weeks advancing through forests, swamps and mountains until they arrived in the ruins of Tsatraya, where Mithridates Besh should be. The more they were getting close to Tsatraya, the more they encountered Grots, Orruks and Ogors. One thing strange, they banded with Idoneth deepkins. The blind aelves who steal souls from Nagash. So they killed Grots, Orruks, Ogors and Aelves. And as agreed, Valdyr share the dead with Klosyom, for him the souls, for the Ogor the corpses. They killed so many while looking for Besh.

Besh who was hidden behind Aelf magic. Each time the Ogor hunter found a trail, the trail disappeared. The constant fights against the Soulmuncherz did not help. They had to find him. Too much was at stake. But Valdyr was confident. It might not be today. Not tomorrow. But he knew they will find him. He knew the hunter will find him. He knew his Glaivewraith stalkers will never tire and get to him. He knew Klosyom will give him the final blow. It could not be otherwise. They were The Perpetuals. And no one escapes death.