And they will know fear… (an Animosity II short story)

Reikenor called him. Asking him to come through the underworld. He told him that the Wretched, a coalition composed of rat men, beasts and devotees of the false gods, were trying to take control of 3 Realmgates: Kyady’s gate, the Stairs of Nyura and Crom’s canyon. Reikenor needed Valdyr and his Stifling procession to secure one of the Realm gate.

Valdyr knew that most of the forces from The Perpetual were fighting for the Cathedral of the Mariner. He was confident that The Perpual will overcome the devotees of the false gods and their daemons. Between the other Nighthaunt processions, the Ossiarch Bonereapers phalanxes, the Seraphon and, for sure, the Bleak Chewers. Gorogark had a simple plan which seemed effective, the main force of the Bleak chewers would go underground, chewing the earth, to appear in the middle of the Undivided back line. They were accompanied by a handful of Myrmourn banshees to take care of the false gods sorcerers. Valdyr was sure the plan went well. What could have happened?

Valdyr choosed Crom’s canyon as his destination. First, it was the closest. Second, he knew the Midnight city were heading there, their artillery will be precious in this attrition war against the Wretched, to decimate or at least disperse the hordes of Skaven and Beastmen. Those abominations were always appearing in thousands, which always make them difficult to contain.

But the Midnight city won’t be the only ones with a great tool to fight the hordes. Valdyr also had a powerful tool. Maybe the most powerful tool of all: he knew how to summon the Purple sun. It was Reikenor who taught him at the beginning of the conflict. He told Valdyr to summon it when needed, as endless spells can become wild. But it won’t happen to the Stifling procession. Valdyr was sure of that. He was an high priest of Nagash in Tsatraya. So long ago. Eons ago.

And then came the time of the battle. To ensure Crom’s canyon stayed under The Perpetual control. To ensure that the coalition will have its approvisioning line. The canyon was already swarming with Skavens and Beastmen. They were everywhere. Valdyr unfolfed the usual Stifling procession strategy; the combination of a brutal frontal attack and guérilla tactics from the underworld. The front line will be a combination of Chainrasps, Spirit hosts and Grimghast reapers, backed by Spirit torments, to be sure replenish the lines, even with those fouled souls. They will advance, relentlessly toward the enemy. They have to see them. To understand what is coming. What they have to face.

Himself and his executioner Klosyom the hollow exile, will appear in the middle of their lines, to strike, disappear and strike again. The Myrmourn banshees taking care of any sorcerer, cutting all their magical support. Glaivewraith stalkers will harass their distance fighters, their artillery and their behemoths. Klosyom will execute their lieutenants. Every single one of them if he has enough time.

Valdyr will appear behind their strongest line and will unleash the Purple sun. To break them. To teach them that they should not have crossed The Perpetual path. They will face his wrath.

And they will know fear…