Oh yeah please, backstab us! (an AnimosityII short story)

« Yeah, sure, whatever », these are the last words Valdyr the hollow guide said to his peers at the last « strategic meeting » (another « good idea in his opinion), before he and the main forces of the Stifling procession left to Tsatraya.

It went as always, first it was decided that we shall continue the truce with the Expedition meatbags, the traitor god’s zealots. As much as he hated to let those souls alone, Valdyr had to admit that this pact worked rather well since the beginning and that it always was beneficial to the Perpetual and even let the concentrate their force on the other coalitions.

Then, the daemonic cold blooded reptilians explains in Nagash knows how many ways, that The Perpetual should focus on the Soulmuncherz as Zectoka, their daemonic amphibian master, says. And whatever your arguments are, it always concludes like that with them « we will follow Zectoka orders and you will too ». It is in those too rare moments that Valdyr can laugh naturally, thinking that all the one to to Nagash always think they are superior to the legions of Nagash because we are bound to his will, when they are just following orders to their multiple gods orders like the good soldiers they are, with absolutely no free will. Hey, at least they will all make good skeleton warriors in the end.

But this was just the usual annoying reptilian so-called strategy, the worst was yet to come and left Valdyr speechless (not that he was volubile). It came from Ashavohlk, a vampire lord. That Reikenor accepted those treacherous cold blooded meatbags was something that Valdyr never understood. How could he trust the cousins of Neferata and Vlad Von Carstein? That we allied with the reptiles, ok, why not. But Soulblights? Was Reikenor so desperate?

So Ashavohlk entered in the meeting room, bombing is torso as always, with a satisfied smile on his treacherous face, and he said proudly to Kroqaqu-Cotiq and Cueyatl: « It is done, I made the pact of non agression with them, so we can all concentrate on the ur-whale carcass! ». Everyone in the room seemed satisfied, except maybe Signy Myzlan, the Idoneth, who might have known what was this pact about.
Valdyr could not take it anymore and asked through a long chilly whisper: « Another deal?! With who? Because I don’t remember the last one went very well for us and especially for you corporeal lot. ». Obviously annoyed, Ashavohlk, relied shamelessly « A non-aggression pact! With the Wretched. We don’t attack them so they can concentrate on those treacherous Pilgrimage, and they don’t attack us so that we can concentrate our efforts against the Soulmuncherz. This is a great opportunity for us. But once again, I guess you will complain over and over again like a banshee, won’t you? ».

One day, Valdyr knew he will kill him. Him and all the Soulblights. Not that there were many of them left anyway. The purge will be a good thing for the Legions of Nagash. He knew it. Still, Valdyr feared that in the future, Nagash will call them, or even create new ones. And it will end as always, with a knife in the back. This was the Soulblight nature after all.

Valdyr had a difficult time processing the information. A pact with the rodents, the beasts and the zealot of the minor gods. He first thought that it was a joke. A very bad one. But he soon realised that no one really reacted. Everyone knew, and yet no one told Valdyr. He hated them, even more now if it was even possible. He told them that the rodents will betray them, and not in a small way, even more than the Pilgrimage meatbags. But no, they did not listen. And before Valdyr could ask about the Bonefleet of Nuyra, the cold blood deadmeatbag said « And we are also sending the whole fleet against the Soulmuncherz » with a sardonic smile. Valdyr stayed silent a long time and watched each of his peers. To the point that some of them looked away. And he left.

He went to talk to Reikenor. It did nothing. Nothing but increasing his hatred of the « living », if we could consider the Soulblights and the Seraphons as living beings. At least he had the benediction of Reikenor to go and observe the Wretched to be sure they will respect their part of the deal. Valdyr knew that in trying to mitigate the Wretched treachery, his Stifling procession will take a huge hit when, and not if, the rodents will attack in numbers. He could already see it. But who was he to discuss Reikenor will? At least he was questioning, trying to understand the figure heads plans, unlike some others….

So they left, his Stifling procession and Signy Myzlan Idoneth deepkin army. Signy Myzlan’s goal was to harvest as many aelven souls she could to summon an aspect of one of their dead god. Valdyr did not like the Idoneth, he did not really anyone in fact, but at least he find someone who agreed with him, who was against this pact. So they went to Mount Nagas ‘ua. And when Signy Myzlan gathered all the souls she could, she looked at Valdyr with what he guessed was sadness more than pity, and then turned back to Go the ur-whale carcass. Not that securing the ur-whale carcass was a bad idea, but the effort was disproportionate, and left their back with a giant target, doing half the work of the rodents in doing so. This sure won’t end well.

But Valdyr had a plan, not to win because he was sure the Wretched will overwhelm the Stifling procession, but to maximise their loss. He spent a lots of time summoning them. They were 3. It was demanding. First, the Mortalis terminexus, which could reinvigorate his Nighthaunt hordes or accelerate the aging of the enemy at his will. Then, the Shyish reaper, the perfect tool to kill the thousands of skavens which will run around everywhere. And finally, the Vault of souls. This will be his personal touch. He will place it as inactive where it will be visible on the path from their camp in Mt Nagas ‘ua to their treachery. He knew the skavens will look at it with envy, believing the vault might have some lost artefact that could help them becoming chief instead of their chief. It will be their downfall. Valdyr will activate the Vault of souls when it will at the exact center of their force, with maximum rodents to kill, empowering it even more and disorganising their army. Then he will send the Shyish reaper and make the Stifling procession attack from the underworld. He will break their lines, he might even make so much damage that they will flee, the rodents, the beasts and the tainted humans. He will make them taste fear. The primal feeling, the only feeling that matters.

And Reikenor will see. They will all see. That Valdyr the hollow guide was right. That the Wretched can not be trusted. Even if to prove his point, he might have to push a little. Just a little push. Almost nothing. And behind his mask, Valdyr smiled. « Yes. Just a little push. Almost nothing. »

And they will know fear… (an Animosity II short story)

Reikenor called him. Asking him to come through the underworld. He told him that the Wretched, a coalition composed of rat men, beasts and devotees of the false gods, were trying to take control of 3 Realmgates: Kyady’s gate, the Stairs of Nyura and Crom’s canyon. Reikenor needed Valdyr and his Stifling procession to secure one of the Realm gate.

Valdyr knew that most of the forces from The Perpetual were fighting for the Cathedral of the Mariner. He was confident that The Perpual will overcome the devotees of the false gods and their daemons. Between the other Nighthaunt processions, the Ossiarch Bonereapers phalanxes, the Seraphon and, for sure, the Bleak Chewers. Gorogark had a simple plan which seemed effective, the main force of the Bleak chewers would go underground, chewing the earth, to appear in the middle of the Undivided back line. They were accompanied by a handful of Myrmourn banshees to take care of the false gods sorcerers. Valdyr was sure the plan went well. What could have happened?

Valdyr choosed Crom’s canyon as his destination. First, it was the closest. Second, he knew the Midnight city were heading there, their artillery will be precious in this attrition war against the Wretched, to decimate or at least disperse the hordes of Skaven and Beastmen. Those abominations were always appearing in thousands, which always make them difficult to contain.

But the Midnight city won’t be the only ones with a great tool to fight the hordes. Valdyr also had a powerful tool. Maybe the most powerful tool of all: he knew how to summon the Purple sun. It was Reikenor who taught him at the beginning of the conflict. He told Valdyr to summon it when needed, as endless spells can become wild. But it won’t happen to the Stifling procession. Valdyr was sure of that. He was an high priest of Nagash in Tsatraya. So long ago. Eons ago.

And then came the time of the battle. To ensure Crom’s canyon stayed under The Perpetual control. To ensure that the coalition will have its approvisioning line. The canyon was already swarming with Skavens and Beastmen. They were everywhere. Valdyr unfolfed the usual Stifling procession strategy; the combination of a brutal frontal attack and guérilla tactics from the underworld. The front line will be a combination of Chainrasps, Spirit hosts and Grimghast reapers, backed by Spirit torments, to be sure replenish the lines, even with those fouled souls. They will advance, relentlessly toward the enemy. They have to see them. To understand what is coming. What they have to face.

Himself and his executioner Klosyom the hollow exile, will appear in the middle of their lines, to strike, disappear and strike again. The Myrmourn banshees taking care of any sorcerer, cutting all their magical support. Glaivewraith stalkers will harass their distance fighters, their artillery and their behemoths. Klosyom will execute their lieutenants. Every single one of them if he has enough time.

Valdyr will appear behind their strongest line and will unleash the Purple sun. To break them. To teach them that they should not have crossed The Perpetual path. They will face his wrath.

And they will know fear…

The hunt (an Animosity 2 short story)

Valdyr the holllow guide share chainrasps and myrmourn banshees to Gorogark, the tyrant of the Bleak Chewers, to give him enough forces to attack the forces of the false gods at the Cathedral of the Mariner. Himself had other plans. He gathered his Glaivewraith stalkers, his Grimghast reapers and Klosyom the hollow exile, his Executioner. Then, he went hunting, and guide the others from The Perpetual to his prey.

Mithridates Besh. The priest-king. Once one of the first devotee to Nagash. Now, something else. No knows who he is worshipping now, what are his plans, what are hies goals. The only thing everyone agrees on: whatever Mithridates Besh is doing, he must be stopped. Reikenor the Grimhailer and Slann Starmaster Zectoka know it is the safest path in this dire times in Shyish.

Valdyr, his retinue and Kobatu Redguzzler, the hunter from the Bleak Chewers, spent weeks advancing through forests, swamps and mountains until they arrived in the ruins of Tsatraya, where Mithridates Besh should be. The more they were getting close to Tsatraya, the more they encountered Grots, Orruks and Ogors. One thing strange, they banded with Idoneth deepkins. The blind aelves who steal souls from Nagash. So they killed Grots, Orruks, Ogors and Aelves. And as agreed, Valdyr share the dead with Klosyom, for him the souls, for the Ogor the corpses. They killed so many while looking for Besh.

Besh who was hidden behind Aelf magic. Each time the Ogor hunter found a trail, the trail disappeared. The constant fights against the Soulmuncherz did not help. They had to find him. Too much was at stake. But Valdyr was confident. It might not be today. Not tomorrow. But he knew they will find him. He knew the hunter will find him. He knew his Glaivewraith stalkers will never tire and get to him. He knew Klosyom will give him the final blow. It could not be otherwise. They were The Perpetuals. And no one escapes death.

The deal (The stifling procession prologue)

It all started with an Ogor. Walking toward Valdyr the Hollow Guide. Carrying 3 aelves, the ones who see with no eyes. The ones who are stealing souls from Nagash. It was so strange that Valdyr’s retinue let the Ogor walk through them. The 3 aelves were in fact a proof of good will, an offer, a bargain.

The Ogor came in the name of Gorogark, his general, or at least the closest thing to be a general in the Ogor culture. He was proposing an association, for them the flesh, the bones, in fact anything that they can eat. For the malignants, the souls. All the souls that were stolen from Nagash. Valdyr accepted the deal. He took the 3 aelf tainted souls, and let the Ogor take back the corpses. This is how The Stifling Procession banded with The Bleak Chewers.

SOS Fantômes – Episode 1: Insulting Spirit hosts of the dread

Tout commença par un post sur le forum AoS The Grand Alliance (TGA pour les intimes), sur lequel un petit rigolo fit remarquer que le fantôme en arrière plan de la couverture du roman Soul wars faisait un doigt d’honneur (personnellement je ne vois plus rien d’autre).

Ensuite, voulant moi aussi faire le malin, j’ai demandé à Josh Reynolds si ce fantôme faisait vraiment un doigt d’honneur dans le roman, ce qu’il a confirmé tout en étant assez désolé que GW n’aient pas décidé d’en faire une figurine.

Il n’en fallait pas moins à votre humble serviteur pour se lancer dans son tout premier projet de conversion à l’ambition terriblement basse!


En préambule, je tenais à soulever que malgré l’absence totale d’ambition de cette conversion, les Spirit hosts étant si fins et leurs mains encore pire, cela n’a pas été non plus une balade champêtre.

Première étape: désolidariser la main de l’avant bras. Relativement simple, même si l’histoire m’a fait regretter le choix de le faire trop tôt, mais je reviendrait sur cette erreur plus tard. Pour faire simple, il suffit de couper en biais au niveau du poignet. De cette manière, une simple rotation de 180 degrès permet de changer l’orientation de la main.

Ensuite, couper les doigts pour les repositionner. Et là: l’enfer! Qu’est ce que c’est petit! Qu’est ce que je me suis traité de tous les noms de m’être entrainé dans une connerie pareille. Vous verrez au fil des photos suivante qu’autant la découpe, que le repositionnement en passant par le green stuff est un beau travail de cochon.

Autre soucis relativement visible sur la photo suivante, c’est que comme j’ai coupé la main au niveau du poignet très tôt dans le processus, je n’avais strictement aucune prise pour faire quoique ce soit: la découpe, le repositionnement, la sculpture du green stuff.

Là où je m’en veux le plus, c’est qu’à un moment cette main m’a échappée des mains (voyez l’ironie), et je n’ai pas remarqué que l’index avait tourné de 90 degrès. Si vous regardez bien, on dirait qu’il a son index cassé. Si j’avais fait plus attention (au delà de l’avoir laissé tomber par terre), j’aurais pu repositionner l’index correctement.

Le résultat grossier final sur la photo suivante.

Une chose est sûre, je réfléchierais plus longtemps (tout court?) pour mon prochain projet de conversion, et surtout, je m’engagerait pas sur des travaux aussi minitieux que de changer une main.


En ce qui concerne la peinture, j’étais tombé sur le Mortis engine ci-dessous qui m’a fait aimé pour la première fois cette énorme pièce.

Source: http://40kpainting4hire.blogspot.com/2012/06/mortis-engine-and-vargheist.html

Je trouve tous les Mortis engine que j’ai pu voir horribles, et je trouve que la « mode » de peindre des Nighthaunt uniquement avec un lavis de nickelback oxyde terriblement plat. Dans ce cas, l’utilisation de peintures fluorescentes donnent réellement un aspect irréel, et l’utilisatio de 2 teintes rendent la pièce tellement plus intéressante.

Première étape: sous-coucher en blanc. Mais quand je dis blanc, c’est pas la bombe Citadel qui est moins blanc que blanc je doute, j’ai utilisé ma bombe de blanc Army painter.

Puis je fais quelques tests, et je ne suis pas convaincu.

Puis sur TGA, je découvre le mini guide de Martin Grandbarbe (dit Bangdoll dans les soirées parisiennes et sur intertruc) pour un effet fantomatique qui fait mal aux yeux.

Cela ne me permettra pas d’obtenir l’effet bleuté magnifique du Mortis engine, mais ça m’ira très très bien.

Tout d’abord, on applique comme un gros dégueulasse du jaune fluo extremement dilué (il faut essayer d’obtenir plus ou moins la même dillution et viscosité qu’une wash Citadel). L’objectif est que cela s’accumule dans les creux.

Ensuite, même chose avec du vert fluo (ci-dessous, c’est en train de sécher).

Puis, car je voulais tout de même essayer d’obtenir une certaine profondeur comme pour le Mortis engine, j’ai décidé de faire un léger passage de nickelback oxyde lu iaussi très dilué, mais sur le « torse » des Spirit hosts (visage et bras en l’occurence). Ceci à fait de simuler là où is sont le plus tangibles si ça fait sens pour vous aussi.

Malheureusement je n’ai pas pris de photo de l’étape intermédiaire (ce qui n’est pas si grave en soit). Ci-dessous la dernière étape de l’effet éthéré: un brossage de blanc. Et là où à l’étape d’avant, les spirit hosts ressemblaient à des peaux vertes extrêmement ratés et trop flashy même pour les années 80, après ce brossage, on obtient vraiment l’effet voulu.

Dans la photo ci-dessous, seul le Spirit host du central est « fini », vous pouvez voir un peu l’application du nickelback oxyde sur le vert fluo avant brossage de blanc.

Ce modus operandi fait parti des méthodes que j’appelle « saut de la foi », caractérisées par une successions d’étapes qui semblent acher la figurine de plus en plus jusqu’à la dernière.