The deal (The stifling procession prologue)

It all started with an Ogor. Walking toward Valdyr the Hollow Guide. Carrying 3 aelves, the ones who see with no eyes. The ones who are stealing souls from Nagash. It was so strange that Valdyr’s retinue let the Ogor walk through them. The 3 aelves were in fact a proof of good will, an offer, a bargain.

The Ogor came in the name of Gorogark, his general, or at least the closest thing to be a general in the Ogor culture. He was proposing an association, for them the flesh, the bones, in fact anything that they can eat. For the malignants, the souls. All the souls that were stolen from Nagash. Valdyr accepted the deal. He took the 3 aelf tainted souls, and let the Ogor take back the corpses. This is how The Stifling Procession banded with The Bleak Chewers.