Bleak Chewers, prologue

He tried to remember what Gorogark said a few minutes ago. But it was hard. Very hard to think with an empty stomach. More hard with the fresh elven loot he was carrying. He stopped for a momemt trying to remember what he needed to say to the ghosts emissaries. He remembered after a long gulping noise his belly emitted. He mumbled a curse towards his tyrant for sending him instead of some more resourceful gnoblars but he knew they were not as good as he was in the art of « negotiating ».

So the plan was simple: tell the master cunning plan devised by his leader to those bloody nighthaunts. But what was the plan already? Ah yes, tell them we help you fight those pesky fleshy guys – you get the souls for you to keep, we munch the rest. Dead simple. He smiled to his stupid joke and noted it was not the best way to talk to ghosts.

His tribe was stranded in Shyish for so long now they suffered huge alterations to their metabolism and appearance. This he didn’t mind at all. Being sure the pantry was always full was all sorts of another problem. And it indeed was getting harder to find some food. Enough food that said. But the hunter Hipokrat noticed a few weeks ago a portal in their new hunting ground around the big an scary lake Bykaal. That was always sign of activity, so the chief said. That mostly meant more occasions to find nice and tasty preys in this bloody miserable part of the realm. That’s what triggered the plan in Gorogark’s skull. Or at least that’s what he said. He was a great tyrant so there was no point having any doubt about that. But still, being sent alone as a ambassador felt weird.

Lost within his thoughts Fjarik didn’t notice he was now surrounded by a couple eerie floating spectres. He presented the offer he was dragging on his side and asked as best as he could to speak to their leader. He still wondered why the followers of Nagash didn’t attack him but he believed the remnants of the idoneths he was carrying were nice enough to please the other party. All the three corpses on his side had strange little boxes that were glowing. The big chief said they were Soultrenders or something like that. Too complicated for Fjarik for sure. But it was for sure very hard not to munch on them on the way here but at least his mission was on track.

He handed-throwed the three pale water elves and explained the tyrant’s proposition to the nighthaunt emissary. He then hoped for the best…