Bleak Chewers, The Cathedral of the Mariner

It was now or never for Gorogark to prove his might and cunning to his new allies. All or nothing. His soul and those of his tribe were in the balance. Literally.

He presented his plan to Valdyr earlier but it was only acknowledged with the usual murmur and throat noises those nighthaunts give. At least his plan was accepted.

He left several ironblaster batteries with a boat load of chainrasps and all sorts of other ghosts the host was fielding. The orders he gave were simple: destroy all you can, make as much noise as possible and blast everything apart. It was simple enough plan for the gnoblar crews to remember and possibly to execute successfully.

A colourful diversion for him and his leadbelcher commandos to approach the target undetected. « Digging » subterranean tunnels was a neat and sneaky way to achieve this goal. Even if it would only whet his posse appetite in the process, as they will basically eat their way through the earth. He was only hoping not to fall into any Shyish nasty surprise as it happened a couple month ago with the giant ice slugs. He was quite confident with Valdyr’s glaivewraith scouts reports: little to no activity except the massing Chaos forces above ground.

After doublechecking the dozen blast kegs his fellow gnobs prepared were safe and secured, he gave the order to munch forward to his detachment. Those little packages will for sure give him and his force a nice blast for an entry directly in the Cathedral.